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Comments from Users

I’m loving my time on the app. Took me visiting a few rooms before I got the swing of things. I’ve received some great tips/advice in a number of rooms and for that I’m appreciative.

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Catherine Bishop

Much has been raved about Clubhouse, and rightly so. It is like a never-ending infomercial about your future self, and the only price to pay is the amount of time you spend on the app and the effort you expend to make it happen.

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Jessie Adams

I really love the platform. Just a few order to maximize my time, I would suggest adding categories to add when moderators set up a meeting.

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Juani Lagosta

I know the app is developing. I think text needs to be incorporated into this app. If I wanted to branch off and start a dialogue with someone from an active group, shouldn’t the “dm” option be there.

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Julia Petersen

I’m totally addicted to this app, largely because I only join rooms with dope moderators who are content geniuses, know how to manage a room and are knowledgeable.


How does it work

How to get an invitation link?

The only way to get invite right now is through someone who already has joined clubhouse. We have thousands of accounts that can send 5 invites per account so we are able to send any amount of invites to daily.

There are many people selling clubhouse invitation code for $30-200 don't fall for those when you can literally get it for free here!

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